What is The Infinite Playa?

The Infinite Playa™ (TIP) is a Recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse. It is a multi-player, playable experience

that puts you at the center of an infinite, explorable world of art, music, games, talks and performances. 

How can I experience The Infinite Playa?

There are three ways to experience the Infinite Playa: 


STREAMING INTO YOUR BROWSER MULTIPLAYER - Streamed directly to your Chrome or Safari Browser.

Touch devices, including mobile, not yet supported. Best experienced using the latest version of your  browser and a

minimum of 6 mbps internet download speed. 

SINGLE PLAYER EXE FILE: A Single Player Downloadable executable file will be free with unlimited access to the interactive

experience. The EXE requires a Gaming PC with a GTX 1080 or higher graphics card required (sorry no MacOS version just yet). 


WATCH THE INFINITE: Watch content from within the experience streaming for free to our Website.

What platforms will The Infinite Playa be available on?

We want everyone to experience the magic of the Playa, so TIP will be widely available on Safari and Chrome browsers.

We do not currently support mobile/touch devices or VR.

What is the price of ticket sales based on?

The Infinite Playa is entirely participant funded. Tickets are based on hourly usage and priced to offset per user server and streaming costs, programming, development, and incorporation of community art work. A portion of every ticket goes to support the non-profit Burning Man Project and the future of the event in Black Rock City.

How is this even possible over the web?

The Infinite Playa pixel streaming is powered by a unique interactive and immersive live cloud streaming platform that

handles the heavy duty processing required to run this experience in the cloud.

What is the deadline to submit files?

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting additional files at this time.

I submitted but don't see my art on The Infinite Playa?

Due to the sheer number of submissions we were not able to include all of the art that was submitted to us. We will be adding

additional submitted art to the experience over the coming week(s).

What if i need help?

Due to the size constraints of our team, we are asking participants to practice the Burning Man principle of radical self reliance.

We do not have a dedicated IT team, so please read the FAQs, do your best to follow our instructions and if all else fails submit a

help request and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.


If you believe your copyrighted material is appearing on The Infinite Playa without your consent, please click HERE to request that our

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Designated Agent quickly removes your content from The Infinite Playa.

WHO IS THE INFINITE PLAYA’S Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Designated Agent?

Click HERE for The Infinite Playa’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Designated Agent

What Is the Intention Behind The Infinite Playa?

The Infinite Playa is a huge endeavor that has taken a development team of over 60 people, across the world, countless hours (not to mention a lot of lost sleep) to create, in under 4 months.


We simply couldn't bear the thought of a world without Burning Man, especially in these challenging times.


Our intention is to give Burners, new and old, an opportunity to experience some of the magic they would feel in the physical Playa,

in our virtual one.