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Welcome intrepid explorer to The Infinite Playa,

a recognized universe of the Burning Man Multiverse.


The Infinite Playa is an Unsupported Beta Experience. Should you choose

to contribute by downloading the file for this interactive experience,

you will become a test pilot and pioneer, exploring and supporting

the world’s first fully interactive, virtual arts festival. 


Your participation, feedback and engagement will fuel the

future of this collaborative experience.

By continuing to Download Page, you acknowledge your understanding that this is an Unsupported Beta Experience and, due to the nature of testing, includes features and functions in various states of performance and reliability. The experience may have technical issues and/or at times be totally unavailable.


The Infinite Playa Executable File is provided “as is,” with all faults,

and The Infinite Playa makes no expressed or implied representations

or warranties of any kind related to this Website or

the materials contained on this Website. 

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