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We are soooooo close to gates open on The Infinite Playa! Our entire team,

in collaboration with 100’s of artist performers, DJs, speakers, teachers

and camp leaders have been working tirelessly to get us to launch.


Turns out creating an interactive, photo-real virtual playa from

scratch in just a few short months is…no small feat - who knew?

To give you the best (admittedly beta) experience we can,

we have decided to delay the launch a few days.


Not to fear - the free “Watch the Infinite” portal will launch on this site Monday August 31st at noon, where you will be able to access live stream performances, talks and art from within The Infinite Playa.

Tickets will go on sale...really, really soon, no seriously -

please hold while we write some code...

Thanks for submitting!

The Infinite Playa
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Become Infinite

This year, for the first time in its history, Burning Man canceled in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.


Without the Burn where do we go to be inspired, to be free, to turn ourwildest dreams into reality and to celebrate the joy of profound human connection?


To this end we have endeavored to create a virtual playa that will provide users with the simulated experience of going “Home” without actually leaving their homes.


Welcome to The Infinite Playa, a world built for Burners, by Burners!

Thanks for submitting!

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