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Ticket Sales Coming Soon!

(We Promise)

The Infinite Playa is entirely participant funded. Tickets are based on hourly usage and priced to offset per user server and streaming costs, programming, development, and incorporation of community art work. Additionally, a portion of every ticket goes to support the non-profit Burning Man Project and the future of the event in Black Rock City. 

Ticket tiers are as follows:

Visitor - Two Hour Pass - $20

Weekend Warrior - Five Hour Pass - $40

Dusty Explorer - Ten Hour Pass - $75

Founder's Package - 24 Hour Pass - $150

We want as many people as possible to experience the magic of The Infinite Playa and have worked diligently to make it playable in web browsers and mobile devices for those without high end computers.

The technology that makes this possible comes with unavoidable

per minute costs. For those that find the cost of the interactive experience prohibitive, we also be streaming performances,

talks and art for free, right here, all week.

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