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Known Bug Report

We'll be using this page to report bugs that we know about and ones that you report back to us. Please let us know if you spot any by emailing

And if you get a chance we'd love to hear from you about your experience: EXIT SURVEY

General Performance Issues: Pixelation and lag can occur when you have too many open browser windows or tabs, and other video apps like Youtube or Zoom playing in the background. 

 - Second Log In Screen and sticky cursor - Currently Once user has created their account and launched the experience they'll be asked to log-in once more.

Fix in process - ETA 9.2

The cursor on the second log-in screen is sticky: 

Try moving your mouse around or pressing esc. on and off to release it. 


Black screen upon logging in. - This can be caused by browser issues or if our servers are full. Make sure you are in the latest version of Chrome for best experience.

Fix in process - ETA 9.2

 - Video Chat not turning on automatically - Video chat is not turning on automatically upon start up.

Toggle the V key to turn your video chat on/off

 - Bike riding glitchWhen riding fast bike glitches in and out

Fix in process - Try riding slower for now. 


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